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I am the chair of the membership committee for the CIPR.  Which means we talk about and influence the policy decisions that will be taken by the CIPR National Council.  Why am I writing about this? Because I wonder how many CIPR members know, or care, about how the CIPR functions.
Last week saw a great career high for me – as a MCIPR (member of the CIPR) – the election of Stephen Waddington as President Elect.  I have admired Stephen as a practitioner, business leader, creative and innovator for years and he has, over the last year, become a friend.  I was his unofficial (unpaid) campaign director.
The campaign was a roaring success, in that Stephen was elected.  But still, only 9 per cent of members voted.  Stephen was elected with over two thirds of the vote, so a very clear mandate for change.But I wanted to see more people turn out (well actually open an email and click a few times) to vote.  I am a firm believer in involvement, being inside the tent, getting my hands dirty and getting stuck in.
So what about membership and involvement then?  It’s just that isn’t it – you join and belong because it’s important.  Don’t you?

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Sarah Pinch FCIPR, MIoD is MD of Pinch Point Communications, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 2015, and a Non Executive Director of the Health and Safety Executive.

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