Weiner rides again

By Quentin Langley

Anthony Weiner has been a tough and effective congressman, and there is no doubt he would have been one of the leading contenders for Mayor of New York if it hadn’t been for the little incident on Twitter. While many thought his career was over at that time, he seems to take the view that it is not and that he still has a chance in a mayoral election that has yet to come alive.

Here’s his annoncement:



He faces several key barriers, and simply saying that he has made a lot of mistakes is unlikely to be enough to dispel them. To remind you, briefly, of his problem, he accidently tweeted a photograph of himself in his underpants in what was supposed to be a dm to a much younger woman.

The first barrier with some voters should be, and probably is, the smallest: he was flirting with a much younger woman, and thus displaying disloyalty to his wife.

Secondly, he lied and lied about it, initially claiming that his Twitter account had been hacked. 

Thirdly, the nature of his disloyalty to his wife exposes him to some ridicule. Might it undermine New York’s reputation to elect a man ridiculous?

This should be an interesting campaign.


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