The top Greenpeace Brandjacks

By Quentin Langley

Greenpeace – the most effective group of brandjackers in the world – has started to use the term. In a first class blog by Cassady Sharp, the group gives a run down on its best brandjacks, and there are some there I need to explore.

Cassady has included some great examples, but I cannot agree with her rank order. For me, the Ken & Barbie campaign stands out. There is no doubt that Give the Orangutan a Break was extremely creative for its time, and there is a huge depth of research that has gone into Arctic Ready, but the way Greenpeace integrated its use of YouTube, Twitter, and its traditional offline stunts (such as scaling the Mattel building) leaves Ken and Barbie well ahead of the others. It also shows brilliant use of narrative. They got Barbie arrested, for goodness sake!

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