Hasn’t Zoopla Just Blatantly Ripped Off Coral?

Last week, house buying website Zoopla pulled a newsjacking stunt to capitalise on all of the talk around Wayne Rooney’s potential transfer from Manchester United to Chelsea. It’s been an ongoing saga over the summer, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone tried something.

The stunt has had a lot of pick up and praise for its timeliness and creativity…but I think very differently.

A year ago, Robin Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United. Coral Bookmakers were incredibly quick off the mark with an inspired piece of real-time marketing that flew around the interwebs in double-quick time as soon as the transfer was announced.

Here’s a direct comparison. Spot the difference:

Removal Van Persie

Zoopla Wayne Rooney

One’s original, quick and clever. The other’s a direct rip-off. Isn’t it?

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Posted by Paul Sutton

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