When does an insurance agent enjoy a car crash?

With my friend Larry McGlynn, I went to the Nantucket Demolition Derby recently. It was a great day watching car crashes in beautiful autumn weather.

Larry is president of McGlynn, Clinton & Hall Insurance Agencies and is my agent. Larry is a funny guy so I’m always thinking of bad insurance humor.

“Larry, there are going to be a bunch of auto policy claims from today.” I said with a wink.

Larry laughed. “Yeah, this is the only time an insurance agent can enjoy a car crash.”

“Hey, is my rental car covered?,” I asked. “Maybe take a spin in the next heat!”

That got us to plotting. No, I didn’t crash my rental car in the next heat. Rather, we shot a YouTube video.

Larry has been writing the Massachusetts Family Insurance blog for over a year now. So he understands how interesting content can serve as marketing for his insurance business.

Larry pulled out his iPhone and shot a few minutes of footage. Upon returning home he had it edited into this fun little video.

Direct link to When does an insurance agent enjoy a car crash? on YouTube.

When I speak with entrepreneurs like Larry, so many of them push back on content creation. “I’m just a ______________ (fill in the blank – lawyer, doctor, restaurant owner, software entrepreneur, whatever…),” they say. “There’s nothing interesting about my business that I can write about or do a video about.”


There’s always something interesting to create content about if you keep your mind open.

Have your iPhone ready. Interview a customer. Make a short film about something interesting in your market.

It’s never been easier to create content. It’s all around you if you just take a look.

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