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The Conservative Party this morning released a new website and accompanying twitter hash tag #sharethefacts.

The Tory’s stated aim for the website is to:

“help us fight back by rebutting Labour’s claims, sharing what we’re doing for hardworking people, and letting everyone know the damage a Labour government would do to Britain.”

The site is optimised nicely for mobile and it enables people to easily share on social networks bite-size chunks of Conservative Party policy, rebuttal or attack.

 As is almost customary these days, the hash tag has been adopted by piss-takers, deriders, opponents, wind-up merchants, jokers, bantermen, comedians and naysayers and it has gone viral and is trending across Britain.

A small sample of the tweets that force the freshly-made, delicious, social media campaign cake that the Tory’s baked for us today back into the faces of the Conservative high command are available below.

share the facts viral twitter campaign conservative party

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