The anti-story

I was thinking the other day about writing for this blog, or more precisely about why I struggle to publish new content as frequently as I’d like to.

It’s too easy to blame lack of time, although that’s probably there in the background too.

But when I the thought about it a bit more deeply I worked out the real reason why. Most days I find myself thinking about what I could write, but then more often than not I then find myself thinking about the anti-story – what someone with an opposing view might write in response.

Don’t get me wrong here – nothing I consider writing about is particularly controversial – but as a communicator I constantly have an eye to where risks may come from.

But where I have gone wrong in thinking about my blog posts is that, for whatever reason, I have been too risk averse in my assessment of the likelihood of the anti-story actually happening.

So the lesson for me is that while a highly developed sense for the anti-story is a good thing, it’s important it comes with an objective assessment of the magnitude and likelihood of the anti-story actually happening.

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