Inbound Job Search

I’ve been fired three times, most recently in 2002.

Each time, I did what nearly everyone does to get a new job: Outbound marketing.

We’re told to “network” which basically means bugging your friends, your parents’ friends, your friends’ friends, ex-colleagues, basically anyone who will listen. We’re told to create a resume and send it out.

While it didn’t exist back in 2002, now we’re told to use social media to interrupt people in a new way. For many job seekers, tools like LinkedIn and Twitter are used as a modern outbound channel to bug people to pay attention to your job search.

Why is the inbound revolution lagging so far behind when it comes to job hunting? Why, when we know content creation is crucial to marketing and PR, are we still using so many outbound, interruptive methods of finding a great job?

At HubSpot’s Inbound 2013, I presented a BOLD TALK called Inbound Job Search. Here’s the video.

Direct link to INBOUND 2013 BOLD TALK – Inbound Job Search – David Meerman Scott on YouTube.

On the HubSpot blog, you can download my slides and see the amazingly cool real-time sketch notes infographic from the talk.

You are What You Publish. (What are you?)

In the short – just 14-minute – talk, I share stories of people whose inbound approach to their job (and college) hunting literally helped them make their dreams reality. It’s not even that hard, it’s just that people aren’t thinking to do it.

Thanks to HubSpot for giving me the opportunity to present on a topic I’ve wanted to share for a long time.

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