Controversial tweet gets exec fired

By Quentin Langley

IAC is a substantial media corporation owning and The Daily Beast. It even briefly owned Newsweek. Justine Sacco was, until Friday, its Senior Director of Corporate Communications. On Friday she sent a genuinely astonishing tweet:


Going to Africa. I hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding I'm white!


Did I mention that IAC also owns


This is not Sacco's first brush with controversy. In 2012 she shared this with Twitter:


I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night


No word on whether this was a specific 'autistic kid' or something more general.


It is difficult to see how someone in such a significant and high profile job could show such monumental lapses in judgement. When PR Daily first reported the issue the same day she was still in post and the tweet was still on her account, though IAC had distanced itself from her comment. Soon afterwards she was dismissed and her Twitter account deleted. 


Some Twitter users were suggesting she may have been drunk when she sent the tweet. One of the inconvenient things about a high profile social media presence is that you are accountable for everything you write – even under the most difficult of circumstance.

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