What to look for in 2014

I've seen a bunch of 2013 year in review pieces in the past few weeks. I’m sure you have too. My favorite is from The Week magazine, it’s an entire edition devoted to last year.

And there are a bunch of 2014 predictions floating around too. For example, I contributed to Sonja Jefferson’s Marketing trends in 2014 along with 13 others.

My 2014 prediction

As I told Sonja, I see 2014 is a year where we look to the past for inspiration. My sense is we will be energized and spark new ideas based on what marketers and entrepreneurs did decades ago.

We’re living in a world where so many are focused on the new—new tools, new networks, and new techniques. That’s great. But it can be limiting.

In 2014, smart marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs will reach way back.

Many of us now realize that while the tools of marketing have changed dramatically in our ongoing communications revolution, strategies for success are rooted in human nature and understanding an audience and those realities haven’t changed.

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