Savvy social media fishmonger turns #BrandVandal in pursuit of debt

If Steve Earl and myself were to hand out prizes to #BrandVandals, Wetfishshop Limited a fishmonger and merchant based in Lyme Regis, Dorset, would be sure to receive a gong.

The fishmonger is in dispute with a pub called the Green Dragon in Brook, Hampshire over invoices totalling £165 that it claims are outstanding from August 2013.

Wetfishshop has an online, retail and trade operation. Its’ website includes endorsements from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Mark Hix, among others.

After four months of chasing the debt Wetfishshop has registered the domain and launched a website that tells the story of the dispute with the pub.

The owner of Wetfishshop shared a link to the site via his account @sithefish1 on the social network Twitter yesterday. The link has been shared more than 1,300 times reaching a huge potential audience.

You can see the tweet for yourself below and check out the website.

Wetfishshop has committed to remove the single page website once the Green Dragon settles the outstanding invoices.

“When they finally cough up what’s due then you won’t see this page and you may have to go back to Trip Advisor to read about them and there are actually quite good reviews from honest customers as their service and standard is acceptable and the pub is in a great location.”

#BrandVandals is a book that Steve and I wrote, published by Bloomsbury last year. It describes how anybody with a connection to the Internet can call an individual or organisation to account using social forms of media.

You see it happening day-in day-out on social networks as people share their views on everything from politicians to television programmes, and from shops to transport providers.

The potential reputational damage for an individual or organisation is clear. If content is authentic it will be shared and amplified by people via social networks.

I’ve seen the shared via my Twitter feed numerous times today. It’s an innovative approach that will inevitably catch the attention of the mainstream media and as people start commenting via blogs such as this it will start ranking in Google searches.

If you spot other innovative examples of #BrandVandals please share them with us. You never know we might hand out some prizes.

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