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Propology office internal

Propology's Cherylle Millard-Dawe

Propology’s Cherylle Millard-Dawe

It’s not often that we do a real unashamed plug for the business but when you get a testimonial like this, it would be wrong not to share it.

Propology is a brand that we’ve been working on with Twentyseven Design and it’s a piece of work of which we are really proud.

If you are looking to find or create your dream home or lifestyle, you need Cherylle Millard-Dawe in your life – have a look at the website, it will tell you everything you need to know… Thank you for the opportunity to work together, Cherylle.

And here is what she had to say about us:

“Sarah Hall and her team at Sarah Hall Consulting do a stellar job for us here at Propology, not only are they totally professional about our company, they actually take ownership of it as if it were their own, going well and above the call of duty in their quest to put Propology up there with the best.

“From the day I met Sarah I knew she ‘got it’. Her genuine passion for the brand and belief in me as a client has built an incredible reciprocal confidence that has endured throughout the entire process.

“Sarah thinks outside the box by turning it round and spinning it inside out and adding to that passion, energy and fantastic results. Savvy, great fun to work with and gets the job done. Thank you!”

Cherylle Millard-Dawe, founder, Propology.




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