I grew a successful career and business, with this brilliant idea!

My first boss gave me some brilliant advice, which I am going to share with you. It was something that initially helped me enjoy a hugely successful career. Then, the same advice allowed me to grow an amazing, international marketing business.

I believe it can help you dramatically increase the success of your business too.

Here’s what he told me

He said that the most successful people in his company, worked and acted in a way consistent with what would be expected of their boss.

As a fresh faced 17 year old, I asked why… why would anyone do more than they were paid for?

He smiled and explained that the way to get promoted, was to do the work in advance. This allowed the senior management to see how good you were. He was right. I worked the same hours as my better paid manager and took on extra responsibility. Within a short time, I was promoted and earning more than anyone I knew of my age.

The same is true in business

The work, commitment and decisions you have made until today, have resulted in whatever your business has achieved thus far. If you want a better business, you need to act like those, who already have the kind of business you want.

When you start acting in a way that is consistent with owning a successful business, you make your success inevitable. Beautifully inevitable.

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