What candidates used to say in leaflets: the tiger, the earthquake and four snakes

The potted candidate biographies which appear in election leaflets these days are so dull compared to this gem from 1945, which I found in The British General Election of 1945:

A tiger. Photo courtesy of http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1414463 - some rights reservedHis most thrilling weekend was when he shot and killed a tiger which had for months killed the coolies’ cattle; a few hours later he was in an earthquake which damaged his bungalow, and a few hours later still a coolie was murdered within a hundred yards of his bungalow.

On another occasion he shot four python snakes, the largest being eighteen foot long.

Eighteen feet Sir? My vote is yours then.

For more gems from past election leaflets, see my collection How leaflets use to look.

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