Stroud Green Road: 160 pothole repairs in just 4 years

Pothole repairs on Stroud Green RoadStroud Green Road has been, as regular readers will know, the home to some long-running pothole sagas over the years. Yet I’ve only blogged a very small proportion of the potholes that have occurred along the road, of which there have been an awful lot. Which made me wonder: just how many potholes have been fixed along this 1 kilometre stretch of road?*

The answer, according to a Freedom of Information request I put in to Islington Council**, is: an awful lot.

In the last four years, 160 potholes have been repaired – and on top of that more general resurfacing work has been carried out on five occasions.

All in just one kilometre of North London.

And all of which reinforces my doubts about how well some of the repairs really are done given how frequently potholes have reappeared at the same spot after many of the repairs.

* Road length taken from

** Islington Council does all the pothole repairs along Stroud Green Road, even though half the road is in Haringey, as the two councils have a series of agreements for such split roads, with Islington getting the joys of looking after Stroud Green Road as a result.

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