The riches that were really rags and the rags that were really riches



As a Trustee of the Sunshine Fund, I was privileged to attend the Glass Slipper Awards today. These, as well as acting as a fundraiser for the charity, celebrate the achievements of North East women.

The event featured 3 amazing speakers: Catherine Senior, whose sister Jen has cerebral palsy, Val McDermid, author of Wire in the Blood and Caroline Theobald from The Bridge Club.

I just wanted to share a few points from Caroline’s speech because it seemed to me the perfect reminder of what life is about.

Caroline’s story was about the riches that were really rags and the rags that were really riches.

She told how giving up the big job, with the big salary and big car, made her a nicer and happier person. And how life is now more rewarding because she spends time with those who matter – and how we all have it within us to do the same, if that’s what we’d like.

Caroline had the following tips for those looking for a new direction:

1) Find yourself. Do the right things for the right reasons. Value people for what they are and not what they are worth.

2) Find a support network – there is one behind every successful person.

3) Access as much life-skill and personal development as you can.

4) Success doesn’t have to be big, small steps take you in the same direction.

5) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Pain teaches you fortitude and tenacity.

Caroline concluded by saying we have it in ourselves to know what real success is. We can achieve this by being consistent, confident and by acting with integrity.

Motivational words for anyone ready for a big life change with happiness as the end goal.


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