Are Your Campaigns Really Tuned In?

With so many marketing and PR channels now available, it’s difficult for brands to know what combination is right to reach consumers, in a way that’s going to make a real impact.

It’s a breath of fresh air having worked in broadcast PR, (mainly radio) for the past 14 years that there’s one marketing/PR channel that has stood the test of time – Radio. Radio has been ticking ‘social’, engagement, ROI, and response driven boxes successfully since 1922.

Radio is a kind of lifetime friend, it helps people feel better about themselves as they go about their daily life. People don’t necessarily realise how important radio is in their lives until they actually think about it. Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but we all have a favourite radio station (or two) that we prefer, with music and chat that we like to listen too. Now ask yourself the same question with regards to loyalty on TV. Do you watch the same channel all day/night? Well no we don’t, the loyalty is with the programme we are watching rather than the channel itself.

Radio listeners grow more attached to the stations of their choice, and in many cases remain loyal for the rest of their lives. The whole idea of listening to radio is to gain ‘companionship’ and ‘enjoyment’. Buzz words that brands also need to consider when planning marketing or PR campaigns.

Although still fairly traditional, the medium continues to embrace social media and mobile technology in a way that interacts with their listener base, and few (if any) digital platforms have radio’s scale or ability to drive dedicated listeners to their online digital platforms and those of their advertisers.

According to RAJAR, 47.7 million adults or 90% of the adult (15+) UK population tuned in to their selected radio stations in the third Quarter of 2013. This is up by approximately 1 million adults on the same quarter of the previous year (Q3, 2012). The total average number of weekly hours listened to radio for this Quarter is 1.03 Billion. New media may generate more press, more buzz, more attention, but lets not forget consumers love consuming radio and are using it more year on year.

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