Argos Shows Why Personality Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Argos Shows Why Personality Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Domino’s missed a great opportunity for some social media fun and kudos by failing to react with personality and humour to a troll. Today, I’m very happy to present the exact opposite; a wonderful example of what I wrote about in that Domino’s post.

Argos (of all brands) got Twitter spot on yesterday when responding to a customer asking when they would be getting the PlayStation 4 console back in stock in street slang.

It’s a fabulous example of responsive, ‘human’ customer service in action, and reminded me of the praise O2 was getting a year or two back for a very similar response.

O2 Twitter Slang ResponseBoth of these exchanges gained huge praise and much respect from the online community. They created fantastic PR for the companies in question. And they’re shining examples of how to do social media customer service the right way.

There’s a fine line in judging when and where to respond with a bit of humour and humanity and when to play it straight. It’s something I’ve written about before. But used correctly, this approach is extremely powerful. As well as diffusing situations it gains widespread recognition. Kudos, Argos!

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Posted by Paul Sutton

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