#PRredefined is a new initiative with a bold ambition – to stimulate new thinking about the theory and practice of public relations, ultimately changing how public relations is defined  – and delivered to make a positive difference.

Organisations, like markets, are becoming networks, and traditional hierarchies are breaking. There’s a role for public relations within every department within a modern organisation. This is the shift to social business.

#PRredefined features the launch of a series of ebooks and online forum, along with other events to enable practitioners and academics around the world to contribute, challenge and debate to stimulate different perspectives about creating a new theoretical framework and ultimately redefining what is meant by public relations.

The first ebook in the series, #PRredefined Vol I, features new definitions for public relations, challenges much of what constitutes current PR theory, and provides insights and ideas to enable the profession to harness revolutions in neuroscience, psychology, technology, communications, brand thinking and complexity theory.

Collaborators in the not-for-profit project include contributions from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, including practitioners and academics, with their ages ranging  from 30 year-old Rizwan Sharif to 90 year-old Tim Traverse-Healy OBE:

    • Helio Fred Garcia, Executive Director at Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership
    • Christophe Ginisty, President IPRA 2013, Creator and Organizer, ReputationWar Conference
    • Andy Green, Author, Speaker, Trainer
    • Professor Anne Gregory, Chair Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University
    • Tim Traverse-Healy OBE, Hon FIPR, FIPA, DIPCAM, FRSA
    • Rizwan Sharif, Senior Lecturer Public Relations at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
    • Philip Sheldrake, Managing Partner, Euler Partners and Author of The Business of Influence and Attenzi – a social business story
    • Chris Skinner, Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
    • Dan Tisch, former Chair Global Alliance, President at Argyle Communications
    • Stephen Waddington, CIPR President 2014, and Digital and Social Media Director, Ketchum Europe
    • Dr. Jon White, Consultant, Visiting Professor, Henley Business School
    • Paul Willis, Director, Centre for Public Relations Studies at Leeds Business School
    • And me!

    The book is available from Amazon for around £1.50, and as a free download for reviewers and students from Tangent Books.

    Anyone wanting to contribute their ideas, insights or opinions can submit their views at the initiative’s online forum at www.prredefined.org.

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