What’s the link between ABC News and me?

I want to share an extremely powerful form of link building with you. However, this is not about SEO. Allow me to explain.

A reader pointed out that ABC News didn’t link to me when they interviewed me recently. I disagreed, even though there’s no link from the article to my blog.

Here’s why!

Different values

The reader is an SEO guy. For him, the value of that article was all about getting a backlink or hyperlink, from ABC News.

The value to me, is being the guy who got the call, when ABC News needed an expert marketing opinion.

Different links

Interestingly, the SEO guy and I were both talking about links. However, we were focused on different types of link building:

  • He was talking about the kind of link building, which can help with higher search engine rankings.
  • I was talking about the kind of link building, which connects your marketplace to you and your business, when they need a product or service that you provide.

Link building strategy

Just as SEO experts use link building strategies, to cause influential websites to link to your website, the enlightened business owner strategically builds links with his or her marketplace.

Do something today, to form links in the mind of your marketplace, between what they need and what you offer. Then, do the same tomorrow. Repeat.

Quick Tip: Talk is cheap. People are more influenced by what you DO than what you SAY. Your actions are what create the strongest, most powerful links.

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