Digital transformation: we’ve so much to do to remove friction

I’m taking some time off with my family in London this week.

We’ve booked tickets variously for the theatre, train and swimming. Each time we’ve received an email confirmation stating the tickets are only valid if printed.

Yet in each instance there’s a unique reference or barcode that could be checked against a database and our identification for verification. An app would be even better.

Here’s an example from East Coast trains. Its a so-called e-ticket but it isn’t valid unless “printed on plain, clean, white paper.”

So called e-ticket from East Coast trains that must be printed to be valid.

I think we’re at a point of maximum pain between analogue and digital. It seems that there’s a discontinuity and friction in almost every supply chain.

I asked my social networks for examples which I’ve compiled into a Storify. Please keep them coming.

At the end of the post there are some ideas on innovation and progress. We’ve so much to do.

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