Graduating thoughts

Due to finish my degree in Public Relations at the end of this term has recently got me thinking about the daunting task ahead of me of finding a job within the industry. As a student that didn’t do a placement year, this has undoubtedly at times made me even more worried about my strengths in employability. Then there’s the added confusion of where I could see myself living for the foreseeable future as a young professional applying for jobs in different cities.

Before attending university in Leeds as a London girl, three years ago I could never see myself considering to stay in the North of the country. However, living here and visiting surrounding cities for work and on other spontaneous trips has made me realise how much the North has to offer over London. Working for the reputable digital communications agency Way To Blue in the swanky Shoreditch area of London was undoubtedly amazing, however other elements of the job such as commuting expenses puts working in a city like Leeds above London for me in this chapter of my life. When going home, I realise I take for granted the ‘bubble’ Leeds can be perceived to have. Being able to walk everywhere instead of having to get long tubes to the other side of the city is really something I would miss. Talking to other students on different courses, and meeting a string of people in different professions has really made me realise that working as a young professional within the business sector in Leeds is a great warm up to a future career in London as it has all that the capital has to offer in a nutshell.

Being given the opportunity to work in-house for a company on the outskirts of Leeds strengthened my knowledge of the available prospects in the area. It also taught me a lot about the dynamic of a small family owned and run business, and confirmed my ambition of hopefully one day running my own business. When I really sit and think about it for a while, the best thing about gaining a degree in PR is that there are a number of different paths life could take me down within the industry from travelling to climbing the ladder as a professional in the hope of one day making a name for myself. Therefore, I believe graduating should be a time filled with excitement rather than nerves.



I am a third year Public Relations student at Leeds Metropolitan University looking forward to life as a graduate in the city.

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