Announcing ‘REPUTATION REVOLUTION’ – my new podcast and LinkedIn Group

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It’s been a somewhat busy week in the world of the PR Warrior!

Firstly, I launched my first LinkedIn Group called ‘Reputation Revolution’, established specifically for business professionals, entrepreneurs, change agents and subject matter experts interested in discussing topics and themes associated with personal branding and becoming a thought leader in today’s noisy, social age.

The group’s membership after a couple of days stands at 25, so we’re away! Love for you to join and participate in the group if you’re interested in exploring the personal branding theme further.

And secondly, as part of the Reputation Revolution package I have also launched a new podcast of the same name. Again, the focus will be on thought leadership and personal branding with a distinctly DIY flavour. You can check out the first episode below, or better still, subscribe via iTunes so you’ll never miss an episode!

EPISODE 1 – Introduction to Thought Leadership & Personal Branding

In this inaugural episode of ‘Reputation Revolution’, I give my take on thought leadership and personal branding in today’s crowded, hyper-networked world.

I also outline – for the first time publicly, I believe – my ‘chocolate sundae’ approach to personal branding. You know you’re gonna want to catch that bit!

In coming weeks I’ll publishing episodes featuring interviews with specialists across areas such as social media, content marketing, public speaking, media relations and book publishing, as well as thought leaders themselves with a view to uncovering how they got to where they are,  outlining tips, advice and lessons learned along the way.


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