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Welcome to episode seven of FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller.

On the last Tuesday of each month I publish a podcast focusing on internal communication as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network. Based on feedback from IC pros, I record 20-30 minutes of content each month.
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What’s in this month’s show?
I review the Institute of Internal Communication’s annual conference, the news that Scott Monty has left Ford Motor Company plus interview attendees and organisers of the #responsiveorg unconference.

Update: An interview with Scott has been published as a podcast by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson. In it they talk with Scott about his reaction to the conversation about his resignation (hint: He doesn’t think it’s all that big a deal), his accomplishments at Ford, the future of social media, and his own imminent plans (but without a revelation about his next career move).

The Responsive Organisation
There are many people around the world who are working to help organisations move away from an industrial command-and-control model, to one that can react the fastest to new information and become more responsive. On 10 May they came together for the first time in the UK.

The Responsive Organisation describes itself as “a vendor-agnostic community of people who are leading the shift in how companies learn, adapt and respond to a constantly evolving world.”

Steve Murgatroyd, Sally Longstaff and Charles FenoughtyIt took place at the HUB, Westminster and during the course of the day the attendees – who ranged from organisational psychologists to internal communicators and futurologists, had the opportunity to move conversations from online to in person and work together.

I attended the event and recorded interviews with the organisers and attendees.

Pictured L-R are comms pros Steven Murgatroyd @steve_murg from Transport for London, plus Charles Fenoughty @cfenoughty and Sally Longstaff from Sequel Group agency @sequel_group.

We reflected on the day and recorded our thoughts on the #responsiveorg unconference to share with you.

So grab a cup of tea and I’ll guide you through what’s been happening in the world of internal comms this month.

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    Links mentioned in the show

    Annual Institute of Internal Communication IoIC conference:
    Read my article on the event – includes a Storify of tweets and pics 
    Helen Deverell’s article on being an introverted internal communicator
    Can neuroscience help internal communication? – a look at Hilary Scarlett’s talk at the IoIC conference
    Jenni Wheller’s personal blog on Gen Z
    Overview of Jenni’s research into Gen Z

    Other articles from conference delegates:
     IoIC article on Bupa’s initiative.
    Sequel Group writes about the Government’s IC initiatives
    IoIC article on Government communication
    IoIC writes about the introvert/extrovert panel discussion
    Blog by AB on the IoIC annual conference
    The IC Crowd website and you can find us on Twitter @theICcrowd

    Official responsive org sites:

    Check out the #responsiveorg on Twitter and @reponsiveorg
    See the responsive organisation website.

    Blogs and thoughts from the network:
    Responsive Organisation – my blog article about the unconference
    Building a new way of working, by Gloria Lombardi
    The Future of Organization, by Philip Sheldrake
    The changing nature of the workplace, by Charles Fenoughty
    Future organisations, by Benjamin Ellis
    Want to arrange a responsive organisation meet up in your area? You can do so here.

    The slides Mike Grafham mentioned in the podcast that are available for you to use:

    Want to know even more about responsive organisations and the future of work? See this video and slides via Philip Sheldrake @sheldrake to find out more:

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