Liberal Democrat Newswire 48 is out: Lib Dem leadership under fire after campaign failure

Matthew OakeshottEdition #48 of Liberal Democrat Newswire came out yesterday, including some exclusive analysis of those Matthew Oakeshott ICM polls that have been in the news. It’s now also available online to read here.

Two other key pieces of analysis of the ICM polls have also now been published and both are well worth a read in understanding why the headlines attached to the polls are mostly misleading:

One other update to add – in Newswire #48, I made reference to missing data tables from ICM. ICM have since been in touch to say that data tables were not numbered consecutively, so the apparent absence of, for example, table 2 from the Redcar poll is because there was no table 2. Likewise the questions are not a fully consecutive sequence, so the move from Question 1 to Question 2b in the Redcar poll is because there wasn’t a Question 2a.

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