CIPR Fellows Q&A: Martin Horrox FCIPR

On Wednesday, the CIPR confirmed the appointment of six Fellows. CIPR Fellowship is the Institute’s highest grade of membership and rewards outstanding contribution to the CIPR and the wider public relations industry. This informal Q&A series takes a closer look at the newly appointed Fellows. Today’s Q&A features Martin Horrox FCIPR, who’s been a CIPR member for over fifteen years.

Lives: On the dry edge of the wet part of Somerset. CIPR photo

Drives: A Volvo almost as old as the driver; because you never know when you might need to move a sofa.

Most trusted media brand: Trusted?  I don’t think I can answer that.

Career highlight: Expected some time soon.  As it has been for most of my career.

How do you explain what you do to your friends and family: I now talk vaguely about ‘offering advice on strategic options’, which at least prevents them from saying, ‘Oh, you mean like Max Clifford?’

Form of communication I would ban is: Any sentence without a verb. Any comment on social media that does not add to the sum of human understanding. Most responses from customer-service departments.  Estate-agent brochures that try to sound posh, but fail. Every statement, without exception, that includes the phrase ‘passionate about’. Questionnaires that tempt me into facetiousness that I regret too late. I could go on, now that you ask …
Personal mantra: ‘It could be worse.  Probably.’

If I hadn’t worked in public relations I’d have: missed some captivating moments.

When not at work I’m: mowing the bloody lawn. Again.

One piece of advice for an aspiring practitioner: Two pieces. Don’t over-promise. Do try to tell the truth, or at least enough of it in the circumstances.  If you cannot manage these, get another job before you come to dislike yourself as much as others will.

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