Please sponsor my Social Media Silence for the Sunshine Fund


Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 08.09.03And so it starts! My Social Media Silence to raise money for the Sunshine Fund as part of its Go Bananas campaign.

Rules of engagement:
– No posting on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Vimeo or Pinterest (or commenting on others’ posts).
– No secret surfing of these sites.
– If I forget or deviate from these rules I have to pay a £10 forfeit to the charity every time (scheduled links to my fundraising page don’t count).
– I am allowed to use email to ask and chivvy other people to share my fundraising link.
– Diary to be kept tracking progress (the experience of going cold turkey, plus missed interactions and witty banter!)

And so to the big ask. With no social media access, I’m reliant on YOU to help me fundraise. Every penny goes towards specialist equipment for disabled children here in the North East of England. Please don’t let me drop out of your feeds entirely – if you could share my Virgin Money Giving page even just once throughout the course of this week on at least one social media platform, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you! See you on the 7th June…


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