When opportunity knocks, be prepared. UNLIKE these 2 examples!

If opportunity came knocking at your door today, how prepared would your business be?

I spoke with a business owner recently, whose website was featured on a very popular podcast. Within seconds of her website being mentioned, it crashed under all that traffic.

She explained:

[…] “I spent years trying to get my website noticed. Then, when it finally happened and thousands of people were heading to my site, my $10 a month cheapo hosting couldn’t cope. So, I missed the opportunity to get my site and services in front of thousands of highly-targeted people. It’s made me sick to my stomach.”

That’s just one example of missing an amazing opportunity, by failing to plan for success. There are many, many others.

Sounds terrible

Another common example are those business owners we hear on the radio, who are offering their expert opinion on a news story. They often sound terrible and are never invited back, because they failed to invest in media coaching or presentation training. So, instead of sounding authoritative and informed, they sound flustered and unsure. Instead of boosting their reputation with thousands of prospective clients, they miss out. All because they were unprepared when opportunity came knocking.

In short: Whatever opportunities you are hoping to benefit from with your business, make sure you are prepared in advance. Invest in what you need. Don’t allow poor planning to rob you of an amazing opportunity.

Tip – Here’s some advice to help you invest correctly, so you’re prepared for success!

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