US think tank builds its own media

Daily Signal screenshotIn earlier days of the internet’s development, especially as blogging took off, there was much talk about how it was letting a multiplicity of voices and organisations broadcast their views, breaking down the traditional gatekeeper role of traditional mass media organisations.

More recently, more attention has been given to the attempts of both those traditional media and new entrants to find sustainable and profitable business models for their work, but a new move by the US think tank, the Heritage Foundation, is a reminder of the continuing importance of the first trend.

It is launching its own digital-first new media outfit, The Daily Signal, staffed by a dozen journalists and running a mix of news and commentary. With the think tank providing funding, the site has no need for adverts or other commercial content, letting it focus instead on content for readers that implicitly promotes the think tank’s world view.

Building your own media to promote your views in this way is an extension of a strategy that brands and other organisations can take, whether it is simply building up their own social media channels to allow direct communication or more broadly engaging in active thought leadership via their own digital properties.

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