The 4 types of content thought leaders need to be aware of

4 types of content


If you’re going to make an impact as a thought leader, you’re going to need to create original content that informs, educates and empowers readers (or viewers or listeners if you produce videos or podcasts). In this episode of Reputation Revolution, I outline the four different types of content thought leaders need to be aware of. These are:

  1. utility-based content,
  2. thought leadership content,
  3. human content, and
  4. promotional content.

Utility-based content is all about being useful and helpful; educative content that helps solve people’s problems or pressing needs relevant to your business and your expertise. Thought leadership content focuses on driving the conversation around your industry, profession, discipline or area of expertise. THINK: Thought-provoking insights, commentary on trends and new ways of thinking – can sometimes be provocative and/or controversial. Human content features the ‘softer side’ of your brand – personal stories, behind-the-scenes action etc; it makes you more ‘accessible’ and helps people better relate to you and your brand. Promotional content is exactly that – articles, videos, podcasts, SlideShare presentations etc that promote your services or products; it’s okay to promote stuff, just don’t over-do it :) I hope you get something out of this episode of Reputation Revolution. Remember to subscribe on iTunes and not miss an episode! And if you enjoy what you hear, I’d really love it if you could leave a review on iTunes. Thanking you! 

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