New email service: get the latest stories from the Lib Dem website

Lib Dem websiteCreated originally for my own use, I thought others might find this useful too: a daily email which contains the latest stories from the Liberal Democrat (federal) website. You can sign up for this daily email of Liberal Democrat news here (tick the second box).

There will be no more than one email a day – and no email if there hasn’t been a news story added in previous day.

Hopefully you’ll find it a nice supplement to my monthly analysis of what’s going on in the party, Liberal Democrat Newswire, which you can sign up to via the same form (tick the first box).

(By the way, apologies if you’re signed up for the daily email from this website with its latest posts. Due to a technical fault with a blank line insisting on inserting itself in the wrong place, it’s been on an extended rest. Normal service will be resumed shortly.)

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