How to find the answers you need

Here’s a powerful, creative thinking tip, to help you the next time you need answers or ideas.

I’m going to start by asking you a question:

How often do you give yourself space, in order to focus exclusively on the answers you need?

The incoming

Emails, text messages, social networks, rolling news and phone calls etc., fight for our attention. They interrupt us. They shift our thinking to whatever they want us to focus on. This makes it extremely hard for us to focus on the ideas and answers we need.

Those interruptions happen all day long, unless we deliberately choose to disconnect from the incoming.

How to disconnect

The next time you find yourself wrestling with an idea, turn your phone off and go for a walk. When you unplug your mind from the incoming, you can focus without interruption on what matters to you.

That uninterrupted focus, combined with the psychological benefits of walking, will allow you to think differently than if you stayed at your desk. I have used this technique for years and it has improved my creative thinking immeasurably. It can do the same for you.

Tip: There are hundreds of free, creative thinking ideas and resources for you here.

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