The art of great story telling – a closer look at Bellroy

A Little Bird’s resident social media and online content expert,  Jemma, takes a closer look at the art of great story telling…

As a brand story telling agency we’re always on the look out for great examples, so when we came across this one from Bellroy, a US wallet manufacturer, we just had to share it.

Through a series of banner ads served via the Google Display Network, users are invited to ‘Set their pockets free and start slimming their wallet with Bellroy.’

The banner ads lead to a landing page which provides readers with a series of practical tips on how to slim down their wallet. These tips are genuinely helpful and anyone can benefit, not just owners of Bellroy products.

At the end of the landing page Bellroy go in for the sell, but it’s done so subtly you’re already engaging with the content before you notice the change in approach. They close with an interactive comparison tool that showcases how Bellroy wallets stack up against the competition.

The key takeaway here is that Bellroy tell the right story. They create a meaningful connection with the audience that transcends the usual barriers of marketing communications by solving a genuine problem and communicating the solution in an extremely eloquent and effective way. See for yourself – would this leave you wanting to buy Bellroy?

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