How to deal with resistance from your bosses

I frequently get emails from people who tell me that the new ways of marketing and selling are not appreciated at their company.

For example, I recently received this: “What’s a salesperson to do if they see the benefits of embracing social but are unable to get support from those above them?”

Or people come up to me after one of my talksand share how “these ideas won’t work at my organization.”

There are three approaches you can take when you face resistance.

1) You can stick with the status quo and keep collecting your paycheck.

2) You can be a disruptive agent of change. This could quite possibly result in you getting fired. Or perhaps you will bring the company down a new path of success and get promoted as a result.

3) You could find a new company to work for that supports modern sales and marketing strategies. Or you could start your own venture.

Realize you have a choice. It’s up to you.

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