Five ways for your PR to thrive in the era of Facebook Instant Articles

I’ll make this blog post short. Snapchat Discover and, new last week, Facebook Instant Articles are leading a new trend towards news that can be digested in six seconds or less. Here are five wdownloadays I think comms content is changing to adapt to the short attention spans of Millenials:

1) Infographics rule Forget everything you know about writing press releases. Increasingly comms teams will need to be able to tell a story in five numbers or less. No need to follow corporate brand style if you want to get media using your infographic:

2) Share the summary Readers are making snap decisions on whether they like content. so make it easy to do that. The title and first paragraph of any corporate blog post needs to be both compelling and shareable:

3) Learn to Vine Viral videos can say a lot in six seconds and don’t need a load of production. Just see President Obama’s contribution on this  great blog post from Stuart Bruce – I also love GE’s six second science fair. Video is also a key feature in both Facebook Instant Articles and Snapchat Discover so it is becoming increasingly important for any PR story pitch.

4) Fewer, bigger stories A Snapchat discover edition from the Daily Mail will have as little as 15 pieces of content. That means companies should be focusing comms resources on the few big stories that can really become viral.

5)  Go live Apps like Meerkat and Periscope are driving a new trend towards creating live events in order to capture attention. Brands like Spotify, Mountain Dew and GE have already experimented with using live feeds. Others are bound to follow. As always, sharing is caring and I’d love to hear views on the ideas above.

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