How to stand out in a cluttered newsfeed – Sprinklr’s Jessica Gioglio at CIPR Social Shorts

Jessica Gioglio
Jessica Gioglio at CIPR HQ by Alex Singleton

We are in the middle of a ‘visual revolution’ and PR needs to make sure that it is not left behind – that was the message from Jessica Gioglio during her headline talk on visual storytelling at CIPR’s Russell Square HQ.

In a world where Snapchat now makes up 75% of all instant messaging in the UK it’s easy to see why Gioglio would call this a revolution. As the Head of Creative Lab at Sprinklr and co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling Gioglio was able to share with the audience a wealth of insight on helping content stand out – and standing out is where visual storytelling comes in to its own.

“Now that everyone knows that visuals get a better response on social media how do you make someone stop in a cluttered newsfeed?”

For Giolgio the key is to personalise as much as possible and to take advantage of trends to give your content context. “In a sea of stock images something original and topical stands out. For example, on National Pie Day Bloomberg used images of pies for their pie charts. It really made their content noticeable.

“There’s a lot you can do on the fly with community management.” We then heard a great story about when US comedian Jimmy Fallon made a reference to Gioglio’s former employers Dunkin’ Donuts on his TV show. They quickly got the intern in the mascot’s outfit and tweeted Fallon a short video. The video was retweeted a huge number of times and that little bit of quick thinking provided some great exposure.

It’s not all about Twitter though. It is important to tailor your content to the various different platforms as they each have a different user base. As Gioglio said: “The first thing to ask is ‘what is going to motivate our customers to share?’ To know this you need to do a lot of work to understand what they are already sharing.

“We don’t own our social media channels – our customers do.”

Gioglio’s talk was followed by some really interesting case studies by Dan Tyte, Co-Chair of the CIPR Social Media Panel, Kirsty Marrins, Content & Community Manager at JustGiving, Will Barker, Project Support Officer, Social Media & Digital at 1000 Lives Improvement and Gemma Griffiths MD of the Crowd and I.

Between them they covered all the bases with their experience of platforms as various as Snapchat and Storify.

It was a great way to finish off a busy day led by the Social Media (@CIPRsm) at Russell Square. You can find a round-up of the day’s activities here.


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