#PRstack wrap: tools explained in an app, 48 how-to guides and two books

#PRstack is an uplifting project that has exceeded expectations but it’s time for the community to take a well-earned break.

Two months after we launched the second #PRstack book it’s time to pause and reflect on what the community has achieved.

In the past 12 months we’ve created an app that has characterised more than 250 third-party tools. A lively community has developed and grown on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve published 48 how-to guides written by more than 37 community members covering different areas of public relations workflow.


You’ll find practical walkthroughs on every area of modern public relations from listening to content, from engagement to project management, and from planning to measurement.

Last week we made the final how-to guide available on the #PRstack website. There are two books, available as free ebook downloads, and as printed handbooks via Blurb.

How to get the complete PRstack of 48 tools

You can download both books for free or buy print copies via Blurb.

PRstack #1 – 90 pages

PRstack #2 – 124 pages

Praise for #PRstack

matt“#PRstack is full of generous, knowledgeable people freely sharing the hints, tips and shortcuts that make their lives easier and is demonstrable of everything that is good about the internet. And it’s useful. Really useful. Almost too useful.”
Matt Desmier, @mattdesmier

isabelle“#PRstack is the public relations practitioner’s utility belt. It’s insightful, intuitive and specific. It’s an up to date guide to make workflow not just better – but easier.”
Isabelle Seren John, @isabelleserenpr

vivek“#PRstack should be mandatory for public relation professionals, across levels, geographies and industries. Here is that practical guidance and insight that comes only from those with blackened knees and calloused palms.”
Vivek Gautam, @vivekg9460

paul“#PRstack’s breadth and depth are as vast as its aspirations and ethos are admirable. Split over 30 chapters and 120 pages, the second book introduces a huge range of digital tools – predominantly tools that practitioners can use totally free of charge (though some have more advanced enterprise versions that do carry costs) – with each tool explained by some of the best and brightest in the industry.”
Paul Coxon, @thatpaulcoxon

richard“#PRstack gives you practical advice from public relations practitioners as to how to use tools to get the results you need. It’s the missing link between contemporary theory and practice. It’s not hyperbole to say that #PRstack could turn out to be the most important public relations movement ever.”
Richard Fogg, @telcogeek

richard-bailey“The book contains 30 chapters divided into sections. Contributions have come from pioneering practitioners but also from academics and even PR students. This university lecturer loves nothing more than learning from students – and acknowledging when this happens. After all, no one has a definitive vision of the future, and age confers little advantage when we’re discussing digital developments.”
Richard Bailey, @behindthespin

What’s next? Time out

Spin Sucks, the US-professional development site, will publish a series of four special how-to guides in the run up to the Christmas holiday.


What’s next? The future of the project lies in the hands of the community. Please contact me if you’ve any thoughts or ideas.

Events, reviews, video tutorials and making the project truly international would be a natural development but for now we’re going to take a break. #PRstack has taken up a significant chunk of my personal time and I want some time out.

Thank you

Thanks to Prezly’s Frederik Vincx. He showed the vision to back the project and lend visual design, development and production support for the books and the web app.

Finally thanks to all the contributors and everyone that has participated in the community.

The project continues to improve understanding of modern public relations and third-party tools. I’ve no doubt that will continue for months and years to come.

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