5 Ways Project Managers Can Improve Their Writing Skills

As a project manager, you have to maintain constant communication with the team members. Sometimes you write individual email messages, but you also have to address them as a group when you coordinate the activities. In addition, you have to inform the boss/client about the progress the team makes with the project, so providing detailed reports is certainly part of your job’s description.

There is one aspect that connects different points of your job as a project manager: writing. If you’re able to express yourself in an authoritative manner, you’ll leave a great impression and the communication will flow as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t matter how good you are in writing; there is always space and necessity for becoming better.

In the continuation, you will discover 5 simple ways to improve your writing skills without too much effort.

  1. Aim for simplicity

There is no need to use jargon and complicated words that most people don’t understand. Without clarity, simplicity and precision, your instructions will be lost in translation. As a project manager, you have to communicate the instructions and issues clearly. Make sure to emphasize the deadlines and deliver the message both in written and in person.

  1. Stay positive

If you have some warnings and complaints to express, do that in person. Do not write a group email full of accusations and disappointment. You can write messages that contain your expectations and instructions written in positive language.

If your communication with the team is limited to written messages, then try to be direct and assertive when you’re not satisfied with the achievements, but show some support if you want them to do a better job next time.

  1. Practice

When it comes to writing, practice is the main factor that makes you better. Were you absolutely confident when you were writing the first group email or report as a project manager? Probably not, because you were wondering about the way each word sounded within the sentence. If you want to leave those insecurities behind, you have to practice writing every day.

For example, you can start writing a journal about your daily tasks and achievements. Penzu is a great online journal and diary that will help you develop a daily writing practice. Your entries will remain private, so you can feel free to write anything you think of. As you continue writing on a regular basis, you will notice how your sentences become stronger and more authoritative.

  1. Write in active voice

Passive voice is okay when you want to emphasize the receiver of the action, but it usually makes you sound… passive. Have you noticed that politicians use passive when they want to avoid taking or assigning blame?

Active voice, on the other hand, makes you sound strong and confident in your words. When the sentences are written in active, your instructions are clearer and more powerful.

  1. Use the right online tools

Your writing has to be impeccable if you want to make an impact. There are several online tools you can use during the research, planning, writing, and editing stage:

  • Zotero – a great tool that helps you gather, organize, reference, and share the sources you locate throughout the research process.
  • Ommwriter – distraction-free writing environment that helps you stay focused when composing important reports and instructions.
  • UK BestEssays – a platform that helps you collaborate with professional writers and editors in different categories.
  • Hemingway Editor – automated editing software that warns you about complex style and excessive use of passive voice.

Are you ready to start working on your writing skills? There is no point in making excuses; every project manager can make an impact through great writing. Follow the above-listed tips and you’ll make a great difference in the way you do your job.

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