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Keep the chat going

I got involved in a regular Tuesday night Twitterchat about strategic marketing communication subjects, with the hashtag #smxchat. Interestingly, tonight’s subject was about chats and who does them, the benefits and the pitfalls of organising and taking part in them. I have to confess that I have always loved taking part in online chats particularly Twitterchats.

The chats are a great way to meet new people who have a similar interest or shared experience and then discuss an issue. I have found them a great way to learn new things from people who are dealing with similar experiences. You can find people facing the same problems and challenges so it is a great way of finding out what other people may have done and share your perspective.

There are occasions when organisations or brands run such chats which are a great way of finding out more about products or giving your views of them. If brands are forward-thinking then they will take the opportunity of social media to really connect with their customers and gather vital feedback. It isn’t just for brands; it is for everyone including public sector organisations.

If we make the best use of technology then we should engage with the benefits of social media chats either as a way to discuss one issue or to connect with key members of staff. Success has to be linked to choosing something that matters to people or they are interested in. Then it is about having the right people on hand who can operate with emotion, feeling, as a human being, honestly and with the knowledge required.

The only problem I have is that with many of the Twitterchats I struggle to make the fixed times when they are held and find myself playing catch up. Among the noise on social media chats can get lost but I, like many, still value them.

Image courtesy of pixabay

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