From branch manager to award-winning digital agency

By Anthony Bullick, Digital Director, outwrite

Being a CIPR member has given me the opportunity to better myself as a PR professional, and as a person.

I joined the CIPR in 2011 as part of signing up for the CIPR advanced certificate in public relations, which I hoped would help me break into the industry.

At the time I was a branch manager at a national finance company and was seeking to turn my journalism qualification and voluntary PR work into a career.

I moved from Nottingham to North Wales in 2012 to take a junior role at Outwrite PR. I know that my CIPR qualification and commitment to the organisation when I wasn’t in a paid role played a key part in being offered the job.

One of the first things I did when joining the agency was to book on to regional events, most of which were in Manchester. I soon started helping at events and was invited to be co-opted on to the committee.

From there I became a full committee member and volunteered to take on the social media. This was perfect for me as I’m passionate about the industry and want to encourage as many people as possible to attend events and carry out their CPD, which became the focus of the content.

I’m now treasurer for the group and thoroughly enjoying the new challenges the role brings.

Being on the committee has allowed me to meet and speak with the industry’s most knowledgeable people, some of who have become friends.

In addition, our clients and key contacts know that I volunteer on the committee and appreciate my efforts to support the industry I work in.

Being a member allows me to take part in a formalised programme to continue my professional development. The PR industry constantly evolves and it’s really important that I stay at the forefront to help our clients.

An area that I’m continually working on is measurement and evaluation of PR activity.

PR is much more than earning a certain number of cuttings and reach. For example, our work benefits the organisation’s search visibility (SEO), and it’s important this is understood and communicated.

It’s this focus that helped Outwrite PR win gold for best integrated PR campaign at last year’s regional PRide awards.

One of the events that stands out for me is a session on measurement with Stella Bayles in Manchester. Her passion for PR evaluation is huge and it’s hugely motivating to see influential people in the industry seeking to deliver a solution to the oft-perceived problem of showing the impact of PR beyond media coverage.

Becoming chartered has been one of my career highlights, along with being shortlisted for outstanding young communicator at the CIPR PRide awards in 2015.

Being chartered is the highest standard of professional excellence and demonstrates that in a fast-moving environment I stay on top of the latest changes and continually develop my expertise and skills.

Find out how CIPR membership will help accelerate your PR career.

There’s no joining fee if you come on board in March.


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