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Communication and culture


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner” is a phrase originated by Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford. And it’s an absolute reality. Any company disconnecting the two are putting their success at risk.

But it’s one of those really difficult subjects to get to grips with. Understanding cultural differences has helped me work with leaders on their own communication styles and behaviours, and help them understand why their board might not function as well as it should.

Some of the major problems associated with culture include:

  • It’s generally not recognised by the CFO, as it doesn’t appear on the balance sheet
  • No one in an organisation “owns” culture – no accountability, no responsibility, so it’s always neglected
  • Everyone blames culture for poor performance

I run a one day Communication and Culture which covers the impact of culture on business, the basis of cultural differences, and how culture directs our behaviours at work.

In the workshop I demonstrate how PR professionals need to take culture by the scruff of the neck and make it their own. We discuss how to take the core elements of culture and apply them in the workplace in order to be more effective as PR people.

It is particularly relevant for those working in internal communications, but is of general interest to all professional communicators.

You can find out more here.

Image courtesy of flickr user Daniel Chapman


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