Three men on a wall help young Londoners find work!

As we know, influencer marketing is taking over, with more and more of our clients asking for influencer-led campaigns. That said, we feel there’s still a lot of miseducation surrounding the use of influencers, both in selection and execution. In a recent campaign, we found that by working more closely with the client, we were able to choose the perfect influencer and run a more successful campaign.

YESldn (Youth Employment Services London) are a London based branch of the not-for-profit Reed In Partnership, who are committed to helping young urban minorities get into work, through skills workshops and apprenticeships.

For their spring campaign, the brand commissioned content agency JBH to develop a series of humorous videos to help get its target audience interested in the brand. We worked with YESldn to understand the brief and looked to find an influencer that would fit the campaign and could speak to the target demographic.

After looking at a number of options, popular YouTubers, The Wall of Comedy were chosen. They were passionate about the topic and mentioned how they could create some really strong content, which would appeal to their audience and could help encourage them to sign up to YESldn.

Of the campaign, Emma Rider, Marketing and Communications Manager at YESldn said: “We know that we’re trying to engage a hard to reach demographic. Our audience isn’t easily fooled; they don’t want to listen to messages from marketers who presume to know them and their interests. That’s why influencer campaigns are so effective – you stay out of the way and allow an authentic conversation to happen.”

With more than 6,000 post engagements, a combined reach of nearly 2.5 million and a 140% boost to service sign-ups, the success of the campaign is clear to see for all involved. But what did the ‘mandem’ themselves have to say about the campaign?

“We really enjoyed collaborating with JBH and Reed in Partnership to create the sketches and raise awareness of an important issue currently affecting young people. The content sparked much needed discussions”. Joivan Wade, CEO and co-founder of The Wall of Comedy.

So, I know it’s no revelation when I say that influencer relations work, but, the success of the campaign is reliant on the initial research and set-up! We’ve also noticed that influencer marketing works much better when the influencer is seen as an ambassador, rather than a one-off paid advertiser (even if it is a one off campaign).


JBH – The Content Agency

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