Seven reasons to embrace smartphone video

Check out this hi-def video produced by delegates from the NHS London North West Healthcare Trust after just a day’s training on one of my smartphone video courses. Looks great doesn’t it?

Frankly, I’m still amazed this sort of result is possible after just one day’s training. The people who made this video are also delighted because they’ve now got access to a means of producing effective video cheaply and easily with a shallow learning curve.

Why phone video is a win-win

Reason 1: Video is the future. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg predicts 90% of Facebook content will involve video by the end of next year. Content is king and research shows video is 40 times more likely to attract hits than text posts.

Reason 2: High quality. Phones can now shoot up to 4k Ultra High Definition video, just like the latest camcorders. Well-shot phone video looks good on the large screen and pops on the small screen of a phone or tablet!

Reason 3: It’s inexpensive. Hiring a professional to make your video will cost you £1000 per minute plus. Buying a good camcorder and editing software will cost you northwards of £1000. Aside from the cost of the phone the essential accessories for phone video will cost you just £100, and great quality shooting and editing apps are very cheap or free.

Reason 4: It’s SUPER-portable. Shoot and edit on your phone and you’ve got a video studio in your bag or pocket. Shoot anywhere. Edit and add text, even upload, in a field, on a plane, in a train or in a coffee bar.

Reason 5: It’s easy to use. Apple and Android apps make shooting and editing sophisticated phone video a walk in the park.

Reason 6: It’s easy to learn. Pick up the basic skills in just a few hours on a good training course. Not only are the apps simple and intuitive, your phone is part of you. Using it is completely familiar. So you don’t have to endure a steep learning curve with a complex piece of equipment and scary software. And practice is fun, not a chore.

Reason 7: Video production skills look good on your CV and recruiters are starting to take notice. Be scene, not herd.

Phone video is cheap and easy to make anywhere, and the results look and sound great. You can teach yourself but if you want to short cut the trial-and-error process consider signing up for a course.  The CIPR runs Creating Video Content for the Web, a two day comprehensive introduction to both mobile journalism and conventional video, and a one day mojo course, Making Movies with iPhones and iPads.

Picture credit: FiLMiC Pro


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