Osborne, Huffington & the changing world: Influence Q3 out soon

When the world shifts , organisations had better change too or find themselves obsolete – no matter how grand and important they are.

Is this the situation for the UK’s political parties in a post-referendum country? In an exclusive interview for the Q3 edition of Influence magazine, former Chancellor George Osborne shares his views on the current political landscape, as well as how he has adapted to his new role as editor of the Evening Standard.

The next edition of Influence will be with CIPR members from September 5, but if you can’t wait check out this story by BBC political correspondent Chris Mason, who quotes our interview ahead of a feature on the Today programme (40 minutes in).

The latest edition also features Arianna Huffington discussing her new project and former Google HR chief Laszlo Bock on why a business’s culture is key to its reputation.

All this is crammed in with PETA’s latest publicity stunts and advice from top photographer Chris Floyd on how to take the perfect picture.

Let us know what you think of the latest edition @CIPR_UK.

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