Why silo-ence is never golden for comms planning

By Babs Watson, Director of Brand and Content,

Baby, it’s (already) cold outside – but a chill wind will blow in 2018 if marketing, comms, digital, sales and ops teams don’t make the time to share insights, experience and gut feel on their brand dilemmas for 2018.

If you don’t make the time – you won’t ever find the common ground (and territory) you need to land on the big idea which will truly shift the dial and differentiate you from the competition.

When every department is looking to create and own content, speak ‘social’ and excite customers via engaging experiences, it’s imperative everyone understands and talks the same comms language.

Yet, a real risk emerges when various departments and disciplines work in silo to deliver against briefs and their communications get confused.

With this in mind, we’ve said W.T.F?!  (Want Training Focus?). Listening to the needs of comms professionals and the divisions that can arise when different departments aren’t talking the same talk, we’ve created a programme of perfectly formed, precise comms training sessions to help break down silos in comms planning.  From creative execution to content creation, best practice on social to staying cool in a crisis, we’ve harnessed our agency experience and expertise to deliver targeted training sessions that ensure everyone is singing from the same comms sheet.

And for us, time is always of the essence. Co-ordinating colleagues for a full day or even a half day training session is an Outlook nightmare. So every training session will be delivered as bite-sized two-hour programmes instead.

As the agency that launched The Creative Shootout – the industry’s first ‘done in a day’ creative awards format – we’ll make every second count.

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