‘Entrepreneurial branding: starting from zero’ at Influence Live

From concept to kitchen the restaurant business is one of the most exciting areas of entrepreneurship – yet also one of the riskiest.

Influence Live will host a panel discussion with three of the most successful new brands in the foodie world who will tell us all about their strategies and tactics for branding and messaging from the beginning  of the journey to now.

Hosted by Influence Editorial Board’s Valentina Kristensen, Kathryn Coury (Marketing Director of Brasserie Bar), Rebecca Di Mambro (Head of Innovation at LEON) and Rob Robinson (Co-founder of Notes) will share key insights on how to differentiate in a crowded market and build a brand from scratch.

Join us for Entrepreneurial branding, starting from zero at Influence Live on January 30th at the London School of Economics by getting your ticket here.

You can find out more about Influence Live, including more of the lineup, here.


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