Seven ways to improve your phone video in 60 seconds – or 180 words

The smartphone makes capturing and editing video simple.  It’s a brilliant, affordable, easy-to-use tool.

Here are seven top tips on how to avoid some common mistakes:

  • Shoot with light on your subjects, not behind them.
  • Short is sweet.  Social media video audiences slump after 90 seconds. Make every second count. Only use your very best shots.
  • It’s video, not stills photography.  Get up close.  Fill the screen with action.
  • Don’t wave the phone around or chase vague pans.  Decide what’s exciting, point your phone and hold it still.  Let the action happen inside the screen.
  • Change shot frequently in the edit.  Every one to four seconds is about right, depending on your plan and what the shot needs.  No more.
  • Practise.  The more you make videos the more you’ll make great videos!
  • Video can be a fantastic way of promoting your messages or telling a story.  But it’s just another tool, not a magic potion. Sometimes writing – and viewing – a few bullet points is quicker, easier and just as effective.

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