CIPR kicks off #AIinPR Primer series with introductory guide to AI

A new series of guides explores artificial intelligence (AI) in public relations practice. They’re published by the CIPR #AIinPR panel.

The CIPR has published a Skills Guide about #AIinPR. An introduction to AI in PR is available for free via the CIPR website. It’s intended for anyone that works in communications.

The primer explores the threats and opportunities for artificial intelligence in public relations.

The Communicating Artificial Intelligence Survey highlighted an AI knowledge gap in PR. In May it reported that 84% of practitioners believe AI is opportunity but are not prepared.

An Introduction to AI in PR is the first resource from the CIPR’s new #AIinPR Skills Guides series. It’s a collection of primers that provides an introduction to AI in different areas of PR practice.

The series is being developed by the #AIinPR panel that I chair. The group was set up to help practitioners get to grips with the impact of AI on PR practice and public discourse.

The introductory Skills Guide is by CIPR Fellow Jean Valin. Jean lead a pioneering research project into the impact of AI in PR practice last year. His paper Humans Still Needed is available free via the CIPR.

Later this month the panel will publish Skills Guides by Ben Verinder on data, bias and ethics. We’re also working on internal communications; tools and workflow; and media algorithms.

It’s too early to identify best practice for AI communication. We’re all learning as we go. Practitioners step up and take personal responsibility for their own learning and development. The new Skills Guides are a good start point for learning and development.

I’m grateful to members of the #AIinPR panel that have contributed to the new Skills Guides. My thanks to Chris Dolan, Laura Richards Andrew Smith, Ben Verinder and Jean Valin.

Thanks also to #AIinPR vice chair Kerry Sheehan and CIPR Fellows that have supported the #AIinPR Skills Guide project.

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

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