Banish the talk of reputation

The report into the death of Daniel Morgan published today (Tuesday 15 June 2021) is about more than the Metropolitan Police and what they did or didn’t do in relation to the investigation. It is about how organisations and businesses must banish the focus on reputation management when they are responding to crises, issues and […]

Game, set and match

There is an unanswered question that exists: what do we want from or expect of our media? It has been much debated and discussed but with no universal agreement. The situation with Naomi Osaka, who has withdrawn from the French Open, raises many issues. In a statement she talks about suffering with depression and anxiety, […]

Think the unthinkable

Dealing with a pandemic was always going to be one of the biggest tests any organisation or any individuals will have to face. Learning from the experiences we have been through is vital to ensure that we build resilience and increase readiness for future crises. The National Audit Office’s report published today (Initial learning from […]

How are you doing?

No, really how are you doing? It was something we said a lot back in early April and May. The phrase had gone from being a mere pleasantry to becoming a way of checking on someone’s welfare and wellbeing. As the months have moved on the question has stopped being asked and I think there […]

One priority for us all

Business and the biggest brands are facing one of the toughest moments in modern life. This is uncharted and unprecedented territory despite all the planning and preparation we may have done. Companies and organisations are facing pressure like they have never seen. I think it is safe to say have never seen because of the […]

How low will you go?

We don’t always realise it but every day we are facing ethical dilemmas at work and at home. They often go unrecognised because we see them just as difficult decisions that we need to make. But during this month when we are focusing on ethics and the importance of them we need to consider where […]

Is this the right time?

I should have posted this yesterday. The time got away from me and I wasn’t able to post it. Does it matter? I will leave you to decide. But one of the key elements of communication is that it is timely. When a major incident happens we have to respond immediately. Everyone is expecting messages […]

Being more human 

We British are known for our reserved nature and stiff upper lip. Any displays of emotion are to be kept to a minimum. After all we don’t go in for all that over the top gushing in any form. I spent my early years feeling that way and when I started work I knew I […]

When the cameras go

I am getting used to hearing the words ‘you must have been busy for the past three weeks’. My answer usually is to just smile or to add ‘just a little bit’. I know people are just making polite conversation and I shouldn’t get frustrated by it. There is a lot written about managing a […]

Have we lost the public?

For many weeks I have been considering a really interesting question. It is one that has relevance to all professional communicators but will not be the subject of much debate or discussion. It is – have we lost the public element of public relations? That might sound like an odd question after all public relations […]