Understanding, knowledge and problem solving 

Earlier this month I blogged about the importance of speaking to customers and service users (Get out and listen). I am still doing that and finding it one of the most useful things I have done. But there has been another benefit to meeting people and that is to test my understanding of the organisation. […]

The end of the line for reputation

Reputation has long been a word that is closely linked to both PR and communication activity. Many industry definitions have been focused on protecting and enhancing reputation. But is that really where we should be and in 2017 what is the essence of communication? I was talking to a group of public sector communicators on […]

Get out of the office and listen

We all think that in the world today we are more connected than at ever before and to some extent that is true. It is easy now to share information and updates across the world at the touch of a button. Technology and social media has given us the opportunity to speak to more people […]

Plan in peacetime

I was part of a discussion about ‘fake news’ at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) North West event last week. One of the other speakers, the esteemed Steve Kuncewicz, made the point that you need to prepare for issues before they happen using the phrase ‘plan in peacetime’ which I like. For many […]

Remember public sector communicators

I was interested to read the highlights of the State of the Profession survey results published today by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). In particular there were some trends identified within public sector communication that were highlighted by PR Week. Through this blog I have written a great many times about the love […]

Language, confidence and self-belief  – the path to the boardroom 

I had to pull myself up for how my language was impacting on people earlier this week. The words were unwittingly creating an unhelpful impression and I suddenly started to see the impact it was having. Today I was working as part of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Foresight Panel and the issue […]

So, you are a head of comms

I have been interested in the discussion taking place in the last few days about the role of the head of communications. There has been an issue raised about how hard being the most senior communication person in an organisation is, particularly in the squeezed public sector. But what does the head of communications actually […]

Wanted: someone to PR things

I expect that most of us haven’t looked at our job description recently unless we had a performance review or appraisal. If we do dust it off and have a look what does it say about our role and the way it is viewed within the organisation? There was an interesting conversation about this issue […]

Defining the future

If you have read many of the blogs during this year or even in previous years you will know that I have a real issue with ensuring communication and public relations operates at a strategic level. It is something that I believe is vital if the industry is to develop and be ‘taken seriously’ in […]